Winter 2022 newsletter

Dear All, 

Herewith our update for the winter 2022.  

As you will see our planting this year will be undertaken by the professionals due to the risky terrain being planted. However, we will still get together – please come to 9a Swinton Close on Sunday, June 19th, 3.30 – 5.30pm to ask your questions of our experts. And enjoy our snacks, drinks and your neighbours’ company. 

Meanwhile, enjoy this sunny winter Saturday. 

Warm regards, 

Penny Hansen Carole Davies Tushar Sharma

June 2021 planting day pictures

Thanks to all who came. We had a great day – rather, a great morning as the job was completed easily by lunchtime.  This was due to several factors : 

  • the fantastic turn out of Conservation Volunteers NZ.   Mostly young people, these volunteers dug in quickly and energetically. Thank you to Andrew, Deborah – what an organisation – marvellous.  Some of these volunteers had been before and marvelled at the growth. 
  • another contributor to this efficiency was the ID system for planting what, where, developed and implemented by Colin Harvey and Martin Keay before everyone arrived. 
  • and of course the timely delivery of our 350 canopy plants by Te Ngahere –  thanks to Richard Mairs and his team. 

Rain was forecast but did not eventuate – again. Thanks to Carole for her house for barbecue and gathering afterwards, and to our Local Board and Council members who took time to join in. We had such a productive and enjoyable day! We planted around 350 plants including canopy trees such as karaka, titoki, puriri, pohutukara, and punga!

Also : If you remember the huge pine tree we felled almost two years ago now, you will be pleased to know the wood has rotted down into a soil the aficionados were very impressed with. Great planting soil. 

– Penny Hansen

Here are some pictures from the event.

June 20 planting day successful!

We had a hugely successful planting day, in glorious weather, on June 20. Acting on the cautious side, in this Covid time, we were not expecting a huge number of people. Thanks to the efforts of the Conservation Volunteers (CVNZ), Te Ngahere (Council environmental consultant) and about a dozen local residents more than 800 plants went into the ground, followed by a BBQ, in the sun and ON the deck. This is the ccompletion of our Council-supported stream restoration programme for 2019-20.

-Carole Davies